1st Annual International Capacity Conference was a Huge Success in September 2014

Participants in the Capacity Australia Annual ConferenceFrom left to right:  Dr Joshua Tsoh (Hong Kong), Barbara Campbell (Australia) Dr Elsie Hui (Hong Kong); Mangal Kardile (India) Dr Carmelle Peisah (Australia)  Simon J. Zuscak, (Australia) Dr. Yumiko Arai, (Japan) Dr Wai Ming Wong (Hong Kong) Dr Oluwatoyin A. Sorinmade (UK)

The 1st Annual International Capacity Conference “Capacity, Ethics and the Prevention of Abuse” was held in Hong Kong on 20th September 2014 and the event was a huge success (view the event programme). Experts from around the world joined to discuss matters related to human rights and decision-making capacity and positive feedback has arrived that we would like to share with all.

The 2nd International Conference on Capacity will be held in Berlin 13-16 October 2015. Convened by International Psychogeriatric Association in conjunction with Capacity Australia.


“It was extremely interesting and we appreciated hearing so many thought provoking questions discussed, especially in Hong Kong where attention to these topics is greatly needed. It’s great to see such a diverse group of people working so hard on issues around capacity and to be able to contrast the approaches taken depending on cultural/societal context. We were grateful for the opportunity to participate so thank you once again and I hope we’ll  have the chance to interact further in the future” (Delegates, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong)

“am really honoured to have been a delegate at the conference. Must congratulate Prof Carmelle on the impressive success of the conference which I have found to be most educational and interesting indeed.  Each topic was so unique and all speakers really did well to cover a full spectrum on capacity and related issues.  Not only will the knowledge gained help to sharpen my wit but it is definitely something of great value and use for my work at the GB” (Delegate, Hong Kong Guardianship Board)

I am very much thankful to the President of “Capacity Australia” Dr. Carmelle Peisah for arranging this 1st International conference on Capacity, Ethics and the Prevention of Abuse” 20th Sept.’14, and making me a part of this wonderful event. The conference was extremely packed with professionals around the world with the expertise in the subjects and there was so much to learn from all presentations and personal interactions. The knowledge gained through this conference would be extremely useful to formulate an elder care model in India and we look forward to establish a long term collaboration with “Capacity Australia” in near future. –  Ms Mangal Kardile, (Clinical Psychology) Founder-“Mental Health Aims”,  India. (Speaker)

It was a brilliant effort on your part to bring so many diverse erudite speakers together on such a topical issue.  Congratulations.    (Speaker, Lawyer, Australia).

Resources from the event