8.00- 8.30




8.30- 8.45

Welcome and opening address

Helen Chiu


8.45- 9.15

Keynote address

Ass/Prof Carmelle Peisah, Australia

Supported decision making: putting our actions where our mouths are in human rights 

9.15- 9.45


Ass/Professor Joshua Tsoh, Hong Kong 

Guardianship laws and surrogate decision-making practices in Hong Kong and selected Asia-Pacific Rim Nations: A comparison and the ways forward

9.45- 10.15


Dr Wai Ming Wong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Mental Health Ordinance – a local geriatrician’s perspectives

10.15- 10.40

Poster snapshot session


Mental Capacity Act audit, Guns & capacity; Sexuality & capacity;  Supporting communication in capacity assessment; Family caregivers self-reported potentially harmful behaviour


Morning tea



11.00- 11.30


Ass/Prof. Jin Narumoto, & Ass/Professor Yuka Kato, Japan

J-DECS: Health care decision-making support for people with dementia in Japan

11.30- 12.00


Dr Yumiko Arai, Japan

When driving capacity is lost: a support manual for caregivers

12.00- 12.30


Dr Elsie Hui,
Hong Kong

End of life decision-making in residential care homes  

12.30- 1.30

Open Papers
Speakers underlined


Theme: Abuse and undue influence 

12.15 – 12.25 – A Collaborative approach to the “Grand Compromise” in the abuse of older people (TBC)
Speaker: Therese A Findlay & Kerry Marshall

12.25 -12.45 – Enduring Powers of Attorney and Undue Influence
Speaker: Dr Elizabeth A. Merson

12.45- 1.05 – The road to hell is paved with good intentions
Speaker: Andrew Verspaandonk

1.30- 2.15




Afternoon Session

2.15- 3.35

Open Papers
Speakers underlined

Theme: Capacity assessments in health and law
Chair: Sue Field   

2.15-2.35pm Client capacity – do lawyers get it right?
Speaker: Sue Field; Karen Williams

2.35 – 2.55 pm An assessment protocol for determining decision making capacity
Speaker:  Mr Simon J. Zuscak and Prof. Ian Coyle.

2.55 – 3.15 pm From the Coalface – a Lawyer’s perspective
Speaker:- Barbara Campbell

3.15 –3.35pm Capacity to give legal instructions: A human rights perspective
Speaker:- Dr Ilana Hepner

3.35- 3.50

Afternoon tea



3.50- 4.30

Open Papers
Speakers underlined

Theme: Miscellaneous mysteries   

3.50- 4.10 The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Individual autonomy in England and Wales.Speaker: Dr Oluwatoyin A. Sorinmade

4.10 – 4.30 pm The policies and practices of financial institutions in respect of substitute decision making instruments
Speaker: Ms Sue Field

4.30- 5-20 






End of life/end of session
Speakers underlined




Open paper




4.30- 4.50 A Single-Centre Cross-Sectional Analysis of Advance Care Planning among Elderly Inpatients 
Speaker: Flora Cheang

4.50-5.20 A panel discussion on decision making at the end of life:
Speakers: Ass/Prof Carmelle Peisah; Dr Elsie Hui; Dr Wai-ming Wong   

5.20- 5.30 CLOSE/WRAP-UP