Capacity Australia launches E-Learning Tool for Bank Staff

Capacity Australia has released for purchase an online E-Learning Tool for Bank Staff on Financial abuse and dementia, developed using a $50,000 grant from the UNSW Dementia Collaborative Research Centre.  The tool, developed in collaboration with Australian online adaptive learning company, Smart Sparrow, teaches bank staff to better understand dementia, financial capacity, supported decision-making, signs of financial abuse and appropriate responses to suspected financial abuse. The tool is based on many of the principles from the Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) Industry Guidelines on financial abuse. Trials of the tool with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and National Australia Bank have shown almost 100% improvement in identifying financial abuse risk and what to do about it – in an approximate completion time of 15 minutes.

The release of the tool has been supported by the ABA (see media release):

The tool is available for purchase by financial institutions. For any enquiries please contact Capacity Australia – +61 400 319 089