Capacity Australia Presented at Member’s Forum Ethnics Communities Council of NSW Inc.

Ms Sangita Bhatia, Researcher and Education Head for Elder and Financial Abuse for Capacity Australia, was invited to present at the Member’s Forum Ethnics Communities Council of NSW Inc. This was a very effective and highly successful talk, disseminating our message about minimizing risk of financial abuse amongst the elderly within the culturally diverse communities. Prevention through education and increased awareness, of elder and financial abuse, is one of our goals. At Capacity Australia we consider ourselves the catalyst for upholding the rights of people with disabilities such as dementia and cognitive decline.

‘Elder abuse is the the violation of Human Rights’.

We support Article 16 of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD). ECCNSW pledged to support Capacity Australia in it’s assiduous efforts with the government to make salient changes for protecting Australia’s vulnerable elderly including the aged members from the culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Read more¬†Presentation – Elder and Financial Abuse ECCNSW