Published in the September 2019 edition of Medicine Today, “Death, dying and dementia : A pivotal role for the GP”, written by Capacity Australia and Empowered Project, is an in-depth article providing framework for GPs and their patients nearing end of life and their families and carers to work together and provide quality care and comfort according to the patients wishes and preferences.

Written as a GP educational tool, the article further expands on Empowered Project’s 10 Essential Facts about Changed Behaviour and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia, fact #6, “It is essential to get this right at the end of life, i.e. up to the last 12 months of life.”and is an essential read for both GPs and carers and decision makers.

Sue Markham BAppSci, Tiffany Jessop BSc(Hons), PhD and Carmelle Peisah MB BS(Hons), MD, FRANZCP (September 2019) Death, dying and dementia : A pivotal role for the GP. Medicine Today.