Capacity Australia’s vision is an inclusive global community that supports all persons to participate in decision making to the greatest extent possible, including persons with disabilities that affect their decision-making capacity, respects the rights and dignity of all persons and provides necessary safeguards against abuse, exploitation and neglect.

Through your support and contributions, Capacity Australia are able to provide services and support to many overseas Professionals in their projects and furthering their education. Previous support includes;

  • Mentored and provided grants-in-aid promoting the study of capacity and abuse prevention in Asia and developing/political strife countries
  • Sponsorship of Professor Noi Wongpakaran to attend the AGAC Conference in Australia to enhance her education and knowledge in supporting older people in Thailand
  • Support and collaboration with Mangal Kardile on the award winning UMACE tool aimed at furthering research on elder abuse in India and an education grant to attend an International conference
  • Financial assistance to Ukraine Forensic Pyschiatist Dr Orest Suvalo towards attending a conference on helping older vulnerable people
  • Conference funding for Nigerian doctor working in psychiatry, HIV and the ageing space
  • Supported by the SPHERE UNSW Visiting Sponsorship program, Dr Liz Sampson, Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Department, London (UK) was bought out to Australia to present at the Annual Conference “Death on the Beach”, enhancing our understanding of death and dying
  • Support to Hong Kong Dr Elsi Hui towards her visit to Australia and presentation on her work on death and dying
  • Hosted and provided consultation to a number of overseas visiting scholars including Jan Killeen from the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travel Fellowship in 2016 (Report) and Jillian Craigie, King’s College, London (2017)

As a self-funded charity, Capacity Australia gratefully accepts any monetary donation, big or small. Donations are fully tax deductible as Capacity Australia is an ATO endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) – for further information on DGR status please see the ATO website.

Please contact us if you can help us in pursuing Our Mission.