Window Therapy during COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19 lockdowns at aged care facilities, Maurie Voisey-Barlin visited facilities as a creative therapeutic engagement specialist. Part of his role included provoking responses from residents with his cheeky manner.

With lockdowns coming into effect, Maurie and the facilities he serviced, found themselves working together on a creative way for the residents to continue working with Maurice in some capacity.

The “window therapy” concept was created, where instead of Maurie going into the building, residents could engage through their windows. The interactive experience Maurie has created uses techniques to engage residents includes writing messages on windows, playing noughts and crosses and using role-play.

The stories Maurie tells of how the residents are interacting with him are so encouraging to hear, knowing how he brings a huge element of fun into social distancing.

To read more about Maurie and his Window Therapy, click on the article below from ArtsHub

Source: Brix, S 2020, Why the elderly need art and connection more than ever, ArtsHub, viewed 17 April 2020, <>

Image source: Maurie Voisey-Barlin