A missed opportunity to improve practice around the use of restraints and consent in residential aged care

Featuring in the Australian Journalism on Ageing by Capacity Australia’s Carmelle Peisah, Tiffany Jessop and Juanita Breen examine the Capacity Australia’s Carmelle Peisah, Tiffany Jessop and Juanita Breen examine the Principles and accompanying Explanatory Statement in light of best practices around consent and use of chemical and physical restraint from the new Quality of Care […]

“Why elder abuse is on the rise in homes across Australia”

Currently it is estimated that between two and 14 per cent of older Australian experience abuse in any given year and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is being indicated by a number of peak bodies and advocacy organisations that these disgraceful numbers are worsening. Read the article from Dr Kay Patterson AO, Australia’s Age Discrimination […]

COVID-19, social distancing and its impact on social and mental health of the elderly population? Webinar

In collaboration with INTERDEM, the International Psychogeriatrics Association (IPA) brought together international speakers including Capacity Australia’s Prof. Carmelle Peisah in a live, 90-minute webinar focusing on geriatric mental health, the impact of social distancing on social health and functioning of the elderly. Click the links below to view the webinar and a number of additional resources […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on older persons

In May 2020, The United Nations released “Policy Brief: The Impact of COVID-19 on older persons”. The brief outlines the immediate and long term responses needed for action and recommendations against the range of particular risks presented to the older population. Ensuring that difficult health-care decisions affecting older people are guided by a commitment to […]

“Highlighting some of the challenges COVID-19 has posed to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)”

INTRODUCTION: Oluwatoyin (Deji) Sorinmade is a Capacity Australia collaborator and Old Age Psychiatrist from the UK. HIGHLIGHTING SOME OF THE CHALLENGES COVID-19 HAS POSED TO THE EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS (ECHR) Highlighting some of the challenges COVID-19 has posed to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Oluwatoyin A. Sorinmade, Consultant Older Adults Psychiatrist, […]

“‘Rights and dignity’ of older people must be respected during COVID-19 and beyond”

On May 6 the UN Secretary-General announced that fatality rate for COVID-19 for people over 80-years-old being five times the global average. A new policy initiative was also announced to address challenges faced by the elderly during and after the pandemic. “Pervasive gerontophobia, the fear of age-related self-degeneration and death, nurtures prejudice against older people, […]

“Rights Risks to Older People in COVID-19 Response”

In addition to a greater risk of serious and life-threatening complications from COVID-19 infection, ageism, discriminatory attitudes and action are also threatening older people’s rights as some governments place restrictions on freedom of movement based on age. This extreme social isolation can result in “severe, even life-threatening, physical and mental health conditions, including cognitive decline.” […]

Window Therapy during COVID-19

Prior to COVID-19 lockdowns at aged care facilities, Maurie Voisey-Barlin visited facilities as a creative therapeutic engagement specialist. Part of his role included provoking responses from residents with his cheeky manner. With lockdowns coming into effect, Maurie and the facilities he serviced, found themselves working together on a creative way for the residents to continue […]

“Consultation on draft Aged Care Visitor Access Code”

INTRODUCTION: On May 1, 2020, Aged Services announced the development in consultation with the public, a “COVID-19 Residential Care Visitor Access Code”. Aimed to “facilitate safe and regular communication between residents and their family, family of choice or friends during the COVID-19 pandemic, while minimising the risk of its introduction to a residential care home”. As […]

“Ageism in the time of COVID-19”

IDuring the COVID-19 pandemic ageist attitudes have been surfacing. Read the response from EveryAGE Counts for their “campaigning for a world without ageism, where all people are valued, respected or connected regardless of age or functional ability”. Source: Ageism in the time of COVID-19 2020, EveryAGE Counts, viewed 4 April 2020, <https://www.everyagecounts.org.au/ageism_in_the_time_of_covid_19> Image source: EveryAGE Counts MORE READING

“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in: the older physician in the COVID-19 pandemic”

Introduction A call for action to come back and join the fight against COVID-19 has been issued to retired doctors around the world (CBS News, 2020). Many have responded to this call and have returned, or will return to the workforce. Conversely, some late-career doctors who are in practice are anxious about their risk and are […]

“Blanket Visitor Ban under COVID-19 Will do More Harm Than Good”

Limitations on visitors to aged care facilities announced in response to the threat of COVID-19 and additional “voluntary lockdown” restrictions many aged care facilities have imposed can do more harm than good, cutting older people off from family and social connections. Read the full article about some of the hidden ramifications of lockdowns and the […]

The Psychological Effects of COVID-19 for Health Professionals for Facing and Embracing the new COVID-19 World

“Less than two months ago, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hit the earth like a comet. In that short time, we have had to adjust to a new world. Public health social distancing measures have shut down our sources of pleasure and imposed unprecedented losses. We have concerns about our own welfare, that of our families, and […]

Tips for Dementia Caregivers: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

While those with dementia are not at a greater risk for COVID-19, dementia-related behaviours, increased age and the common health conditions that accompany individuals with dementia may increase their risk.  Diseases like COVID-19 have guidelines and instructions from various health organisations within each Australian state and world-wide departments recommending increased hygiene practices such as hand […]